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Bob Horsch 

Hi, my name is Bob Horsch and welcome to our photography website.  Below is a short summary of my 30 year long career of doing what I love most; taking photographs of Chicago. 


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Old Town Gallery
Michigan Avenue Stores
Chicago Sporting Events
Current Business

The First Photographs

The first camera I ever purchased was in 1967 while in Hong Kong. I was serving in the Vietnam War and began taking photos in my down time. When I returned home from the war, I worked as an electrician and started taking photographs of nature and snow scenes. I then moved to Old Town in 1974, and immediately fell in love with the city. By living downtown, my interests in nature quickly switched to a more urban setting. It was here that I began taking photographs of all the landmarks and city views. That summer in 1974, I started displaying my photographs at local art fairs around the city. Many of my customers requested that I take more aerials of Chicago which included the lakefront & the harbors. As this hobby continued to take up most of my day, I knew it was time to make a career changing decision. I quit my full time job as an electrician and decided to pursue my passion in life, taking photographs and making my work available to others. My wife, Linda, also left her teaching job in order to pursue the opening of our first business.

Old Town Gallery

In 1982, the doors of my first photo gallery were officially opened. The store was located in Old Town at 1446 North Wells. It was there that I began to gain more recognition for my work around town. Over the next 8 years, I saw my business grow as locals visited my gallery to purchase my photographs as gifts or to decorate their offices and homes. In addition to selling photos, I began making Christmas cards with my own Chicago winter scenes and created a color calendar with Chicago images. In order to expand my business even further, I began wholesaling my photos to a store in Water Tower Place which gave me even more exposure to new customers.

Michigan Avenue Stores

210 North Michigan (Lake & Michigan)

In April of 1991, I took my business to new heights and moved my store to 210 North Michigan Avenue, just a block south of the Chicago River. My location was now in an ideal area to reach corporate clientele and many other customers in the downtown area. It also provided me with great exposure to thousands of people from around the U.S. and many international tourists who wanted to take a photo of Chicago home with them. In addition to this store, my wife Linda and I opened a second gallery at Woodfield Mall. However, due to extremely long hours we decided to close the store after only two years.

30 South Michigan (Monroe & Michigan)

In 1995, construction began on Michigan Avenue from Wacker to Lake Street and we decided to move to a new location on 30 South Michigan Avenue. I had been selling photographs there for around 13 years. I have watched Millennium Park develop into a world renowned park that attracts thousands of locals and tourists each year. The city itself has changed dramatically since I first started taking photos. I have captured everything from the blizzard of 1979 to the running of the LaSalle Bank Marathon. I have several aerial views of the city taken from many angles and great panoramic photographs of the city skyline. In the past four years, I started photographing the city with black and white film. This was mainly due to customers searching for contemporary artwork to decorate their homes and the ever increasing popularity in B&W photos. To go along with the black & white theme, I created a 2006 calendar with my photos. This B&W calendar was so popular that customers await for its arrival each year. We also also wholesale these calendars to over 50 Hallmark stores and several other gift shops throughout the city and suburbs.

Chicago Sporting Events

In addition to Chicago scenes, I have been attending numerous Chicago sports events over the years to capture the action and excitement of the games. During the period of 1991-1998, I attended many games in order to shoot Michael Jordan and the rest of the Chicago Bulls team in action. I was very fortunate to be able to watch several NBA Championship games and celebrate the Bulls winning seasons with all the fans.

When the baseball season came around, I was always excited to get tickets in order to take photos of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox ballparks. In addition to the numerous panoramic shots I have of each field, I also took aerial photos while flying high above the ballparks (a sight not everyone has the opportunity to see with their own eyes). I was there for the Cubs first night game on 8/8/88 and saw Old Comiskey being torn down as the new ballpark was being built next door. Recently I have to continued to celebrate being a Chicago sports fan as the White Sox finally won their first World Series since 1917. I have also been anxious every Cubs season in anticipation that "This might be the year". In early 2007, I flew down to Miami to be at Super Bowl XLI to photograph the Chicago Bears playing the Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately we lost, but the experience was a memorable one, even if it was in the rain. I have some great Bears photos such as the Fog Bowl, the '85 Bears offense and defense in action, and aerials of the old and new Soldiers Field.

Current Business

Over the years, I have been fortunate to build great relationships with many businesses, customers, tourists, artists and fellow photographers. I am sad to say that my retail store has been closed as of Feb. 29th 2008. It has been just over 30 years since I opened my first gallery in Old Town and I feel that it was time to put the retail business to rest. I will continue to sell my photographs through this website and at several local art fairs. I want to thank all my loyal customers again for making my dream come true. I truly love the city of Chicago. It will always be exciting to photograph this ever changing city.

Thank you,

Bob Horsch

I would like to thank my wife Linda for being instrumental in the success of my business over the years. Her roles included buying Chicago souvenirs for the gallery, running the financial aspects of the business, developing new products and many other things. She also worked with many corporate clients and interior designers to help decorate offices and homes with my photographs.

My children, Jeff & Jenny, have also helped along the way. They worked many hours at the galleries and art fairs helping customers find the right photograph. I also want to thank USPCTel Computers and Communications for the initial design of this website along with continuing maintenance. The owner, Vincent, has been working very hard with Jeff to finalize several issues with the design and layout of the website. Without them this website would not be what it is today.

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