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Touchdown Jesus - Aerial of Notre Dame Stadium


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Photograph Description

Let's Go Irish!

Inside Notre Dame Stadium, there really isn't a bad seat in the house.  You can feel the energy of the fans from all angles.

But how many Fighting Irish fans have ever witnessed the excitement of a game from above the gridiron?

This unique birds eye of Notre Dame Stadium, the  legendary Touchdown Jesus as well as the surrounding campus gives you a new perspective on a home football game at Notre Dame.

When this photograph was taken, the clouds were shading most of the campus in the background however there was a large enough opening for the sun to cut through and cast a beautiful ray of sunshine onto the Touchdown Jesus mural.

The stadium is known for its view of "Touchdown Jesus", a nickname given to the large mural by Millard Sheets of the resurrected Jesus entitled "The Word of Life", located on Hesburgh Library, which looms over the stadium mirroring the raised arms of a referee signifying a touchdown. The stadium expansion had the side effect of partially obscuring the view of Touchdown Jesus from the field.

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