Chicago Black & White

Welcome To Chicago - Kinzie Street Bridge Opening

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Since new skyscrapers have been built in the Chicago Loop, this view of the infamous Sears Tower and the downtown area is no longer available. However, the iconic black and white picture lives on forever.

The Sears Tower takes center stage in Chicago's skyline, and the city's radiant lights reflect in the north branch of the Chicago River. Standing out against the brilliance of the buildings, the historic Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge points into the night sky. The bridge is no longer in use, and its strong, dark lines form a stunning contrast with the lively, twinkling lights beyond it. This beautiful composition captures the essence of the city's old industry and new commerce, making it our most popular print.

The Sears Tower skyscraper was designed using a "bundled tube" structural system. The staggered ending of support tubes creates the step like appearing of the building's exterior and proves the strength needed to withstand Chicago's gusty winds. The Sears Tower was the world's tallest building until April 1996.

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